Influence of Technical, Environmental and Business Trends in IT Service Industry

Influence of Technical, Environmental and Business Trends in IT Service Industry

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In today’s economy, the feature of a company’s customer service can signify the difference among success and failure. Good service translates into better customer loyalty, which in turn translates into higher profits and customer profitability. Companies should have strong service management team that can provide and manage the information which is needed to deliver world-class service support as well all the other additional products and services which may require by client as per their business need while delivering incomparable customer satisfaction. “For a service organization, performance is ultimately about customer satisfaction and quality of service delivery”. (MItzI M. Montoya, Anne P. Massey, and VIjay KhatrI)
The value of building relationships with customers and belief in the services provider is well described in the marketing literature. Theoretically, in this report we are trying to extend this logic to the background of external/internal information technology (IT) services operations with the help of the concept of the service delivery chain proposed by (MItzI M. Montoya, Anne P. Massey, and VIjay KhatrI). The function of this report is to examine how key service point/mechanisms in operational (IT) implementation are related to perceptions of actual system benefits and trust in the (IT) services provider. We have proposed that the (IT) units can benefit from the taking of a marketing outlook in which the (IT) organization is regarded as a service provider. And we also touch upon interpersonal relationships. Throughout, we will examine how an IT services provider can be able to improve and actively manage its relationship with its client throughout the use of proposed service mechanisms. In particul...

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... Business Trends in IT Service Industry
In a rapidly changing technological environment where we have new technology every next day we have to ensure that the IT support team has access to up-to-date and accurate information such as information about the end users, IT systems and hardware they support, a centralized system may be require to retain all the information. Information could be related from any department such as sales, manufacturing ECT that affects the support process should be up-to-date. Now a day’s most off the companies goes for centralized services system for example SAP, ERP ECT which also indicates changing business trend/environment. Centralized service system could be possible answer to current trend but the implementation of the system is most important aspect of it because in our case company uses its human resource as centralized system.

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