The Influence of Sex and Violence on Technology Essay

The Influence of Sex and Violence on Technology Essay

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In the last two decades, there has been a rapid increase in the use of technology. Whether it is for environmental discoveries, weapon construction, or the cell phones and internet used by everyday people, technology is everywhere. And through this technology, images of sex and violence are being channeled on the TV, on the Internet and on our phones. This means that violence and sex is everywhere. This literature review examines the problem: T.V. and video game industries have allowed a rapid increase of sex and violence exposure to teens. The paper discusses the issues caused by having so much violence and sex on technology that teens use every day and how it is changing the next generation of young people. The examination of sex and violence in T.V. and video games allows for the obvious to be pointed out: teens and children don’t need to be exposed to so much violence and sex in their everyday lives. This paper also suggests that more can be done to curb the prevalence of exposure.

Can Turning Off the Violence and Sex on T.V. and Video Games Change Our Teens Today?
A Review of the Literature
A Harvard School of Public Health study found that 64 percent of video games contain intentional violence and 60 percent rewarded players for killing or causing harm to other characters (Pham, 2001). According to Washington Education, 2 in every 3 shows on television have some form of sexual content and 1 in every 10 shows has sexual intercourse depicted or implied (Teen Futures Media Network). These sexual and violent images are on games that teens play frequently and on some of the most watched television programs on today. Studies suggest that teens who watched television with strong sexual content were more likely to get involved ...

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...s “Sex and the Internet: Challenging the Myths” states that it is a myth that “we can teach teens…without using the word ‘sex’ or discussing risky sexual encounters”, but television flashing naked parts and sexual innuendos at teens faces is not the way to go about bring up sex(Willard, 2000). Parents and schools need to have those conversations with teens, not television shows. Teens should be able to watch television shows without sex popping up in every other scene. Teens should also be able to play good video games without being encouraged to kill people. Media companies need to tone down all this violence and sexual content for the sake of the next generation’s sanity and innocence. If companies don’t put higher regulations on what teens can watch a play, the next generation is going to have a whole lot more issues than who can get the new Call of Duty first.

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