Influence Of Religion On Early Ancient Rome Essay

Influence Of Religion On Early Ancient Rome Essay

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The Influence of Religion on Early Ancient Rome

In nations and societies in the past and present day, religion has played a major role in the influence of social structure, politics, the arts, and intellectual pursuit. This includes Early Ancient Rome. The religion of the Romans was not held upon a central belief, but on a mixture of superstitions, taboos, and rituals. Romans were polytheistic, worshipping many gods and goddess. The Romans grasped the faith that spirits embodied objects and other human beings in environment. Due to the fact that the Romans did not administer their religion upon the people of the lands they conquered, the people of Rome had begun to adopt their own deities and practice their own religion. Unlike other civilizations that had to adapt to one religion of their nation, the religion of Rome had begun to take concepts of other religions. For example, the influence of the Greek colonies over the Greek gods and goddess.
Only the elites were permitted to be priest and were allowed to be married. In many
cases men who were elected as public officials also served as popes or priest. These men were from the elite class of the Roman social structure and in many cases served rituals for religious practices. Women, including children and slaves, were permitted to participate in these religions practices and were permitted to conduct their own rituals One of the famous priesthood that the women at this time period established was the Vestal Virgins. These elites, who were priest as well, read the will of the gods and goddess and were the ones to supervise the boundaries of Rome. The Romans believed the reason for their triumph over the land they conquested was because their gods and goddess supervised th...

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...mans accepting and embracing the religions of others. The politicians of this empire held the social structure of their citizens by religion and held religious festivals to keep them united, thus allowing them to excel in the intellectual pursuits. The Roman Empire was one of the nations that thrived due to their acceptance of other nations.

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