Influence Of Music : An Analysis Of Sonny 's Blues Essay

Influence Of Music : An Analysis Of Sonny 's Blues Essay

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The Influence of Music: An analysis of Sonny’s Blues
Throughout history, humanities have been used as a way to soothe the masses. In the ancient and Middle Ages, exposure to art and literature was limited to wealthy since they were the only ones with enough riches to appreciate the classic works. The plebeian masses were mainly illiterate and because of this music was one of the only sources of entertainment that they had at their disposal. Over time music became a way to unite people, in the Middle Ages the Gregorian Chant was used by the Catholic Church to enhance their services and bring congregations together. Confined to the church music grew stagnant and it wasn’t until the 12th and 13th centuries that it began to break away, becoming more diverse as cultural and geological conditions began to influence it. In modern times music is still used as a way to being diverse groups together, it is also widely accepted that music can have both positive and adverse effects on individuals. It is proposed that it is also the cause of mental health problems, like depression, suicide, and aggression predominately in teenagers. However for the artists in the time period of which the text takes place, the pain and struggle that one faces in life paints a much more vivid picture. One that shares a story as the musician’s soul is bared for the audience to see and feel. While artists have been attacked by these some who claim that their music is destroying the youth, artist put out an opposing theory that their music is in fact positive. They put forth the notion that their work is an escape for their audiences, as well as a way to show them that they aren’t alone in the world. Taking in to account both opposing views is music the real unde...

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A reasonable summation of the paper would conclude that neither side of the argument, whether music is positive or negative, has irrefutable grounds. Studies from Fields experiment proved that listening to music was shown to decrease the stress hormone (cortisol) in depressed adolescents. Just as Took & Weiss proved in 1994 that maturing individuals who listened to rock and heavy metal music had increases in aggression levels and were more likely to participate in socially condemned actions. While research from both sides hasn’t proven that music in its entirety is negative or positive, they have both proven with sufficient evidence that music is a factor in understanding how stress is managed and dealt with in the human body. Whether damming one sides results or promoting the others, the research still speaks for itself, music in an influential part of society.

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