Character Analysis Sonny's Blues

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The story Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin is a story about people’s actions and the effect that they have on the environment and the people around them. The Narrator is the older brother and the keeper of Sonny after his mother passes away. It is his duty to watch over his younger brother and to help guide him through life and to make the correct decisions. This caused great distress for him because he was never able to control Sonny and the life that he chooses to live. Sonny is The Narrators brother and is a dynamic character who decides early on what he wants to do with his life. This creates a constant tug of war with his brother which ends with him denouncing his brother and they also ceased talking for a long time. Sonny is also addicted…show more content…
And after supper he went back to the piano” -(pg577). This was when Sonny was living at the Narrators girlfriends house. This shows how much effort Sonny was putting into learning the piano. His determination to practice the piano every single day payed off by him accomplishing his goal of being a jazz pianist at the end of the story. For him to play the piano every hour of every day shows his commitment to the dream he has in life. “well, you may think it’s funny now, baby but it’s not going to be funny when you have to make your living at it., let me tell you that. I was furious because I knew he was laughing and I didn’t know why” -(pg574). This was said by the Narrator when he came home from war after his mother had died. This shows the obstacles that Sonny faces in trying to accomplish his dream because even his own brother doesn’t believe in it. He must be determined to make sure that he gets what he wants in his life. Determination is what led him to defy his brother’s opinion and to do what he wanted with his life. It’s this determination that is the light in Sonny’s life and one of the things that truly makes him
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