Influence of Jonathon Swift in A Modest Proposal Essay

Influence of Jonathon Swift in A Modest Proposal Essay

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The author and writer Jonathan Swift, shows his influential attributes in his innovative text called A Modest Proposal. Swift’s purpose was simply to shock the people reading it with a proposal that he knew was the furthest thing from modest. During this point in time, Ireland had immense amounts of poverty along with overpopulation and biased trade with Great Britain. His immodest proposal suggested the selling of children for food which would take care of the overpopulation and poverty levels in Ireland. A proposal such as this would no doubt leave the reader appalled at such an idea, and Swift’s purpose is to enjoy these reactions from the reader. He adopts a confounded and overwhelming tone in order to persuade the Ireland citizens into actually taking notice of the existing problems in society.
Swift writes that the issue all starts of in Dublin, Ireland. Living in poverty, the Ireland Streets and alleyways are often overflowing with children begging. Mothers are forced to give their time to beg for their children and the children are basically being raised as beggars and thieves. Jonathan Swift proposal is to prevent the poor children from being a burden to their parents or to the country, and make them beneficial to the people. The author Jonathan Swift satirical text is to call attention to the problems that were being experienced by the people in Ireland. He wanted the English to realize what they were doing and to put in place reforms that would solve the problem they had helped to cause. The main point of this text is that the poverty in Ireland was so bad, that the poor people of Ireland are less recognized in society & people can be benifited by killing off some of their children for resources. John is making this ...

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...o people. Even though this proposal is satirical he does make his point come across strong, where he would really scare people into knowing what goes on in the world. That this proposal could still turn into a possibility. Although readers think that Jonathan Swift is a preposterous, he does a very good job at creating a robust argument. When Swift wrote this text he was trying to strike fear and disgust and being a reader of this story, I have felt that way.
The whole point of this text was for Jonathan Swift to purpose his solution to Ireland poverty problem and to really scare people into noticing the problems that exist in society. Swift backs up his proposal with facts and evidence that shows his proposal is a possibility. If the world really doesn’t seem to take notice that poverty can turn into an enormous situation if they do nothing, for those in need.

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