Infant And Pediatric Mortality Rates Essay

Infant And Pediatric Mortality Rates Essay

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Infant and Pediatric Mortality Rates
Mortality rates of pediatric and neonatal patients have improved over the past few decades though, some countries still lack the improvement that has been witness elsewhere. The issue lies within the simple precautions that can be taken to prevent multiple deaths of infants and children. Nurses are also effect by the deaths of their patients. Future implications need to be set fourth to not only benefit the patients but the nurses as well.
The Now
In 2013 the mortality average for children aged one to four in the United States was about 25.5 out of every 100,000 of the population. The three leading causes of death for children in this age group were: accidents (the CDC describes as unintentional injuries), congenital malformations, deformities, and chromosomal abnormalities, as well as assault or homicide. In 2013 there was a total of 4,068 deaths of children aged one to four years old (“Child Health”, 2016). In the same year, the mortality average of children ages five to fourteen, were dramatically lower at 13 to ever 100,000 of the population. Though there was a higher number of deaths at 5,340, due to the fact that the age distribution was slightly more heavy on those that were younger. These death we 're caused by a range of incidents such as accidents, cancer, and self harm (“Child Health”, 2016). Over the past three decades the United States has experienced an increased improvement in the the mortality rate of pediatric patients. From 1990 to 2011 the average number of teen death per 100,000 of the population decreased by 20. Shifting from 46 teen death in 1990 to 26 in 2011 (“The Annie E. Casey Foundation”, 2014). According to the Anni...

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...ons would then improve a nurses ability to elicit care to their next patient. (Kellogg et al., 2014, p.300). The ability to verbalize their experiences of patient death, has opened the eyes of the community to see that a great support system for the nursing staff is needed (Kellogg et al., 2014, p.300).
Conclusion and Final Thoughts
Statistically pediatric amorality rates are improving in the United States, though they are still higher than what is wanted. Simple precautions can be taken to drastically lower mortality rates in underdeveloped countries. Programs implicated in to hospitals as a way for nurses to grieve after the loss of a patient can lower mortality rates as well, seeing as nurses often never have the time to truly grieve about one patient. This could then cut down on the emotional ware and tear that nurses experience in their profession.

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