Is Palliative Care the Right Choice for the Neonate and the Family?

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Is Palliative Care the Right Choice for the Neonate and the Family?
In the United States, approximately 2 million children are living with life threatening conditions and 18,000 new born die within the first 28 days of life due to prematurity/immaturity, infection, and congenital anomalies annually (Thibeau 2012). Globally 450 newborns die every hour (Eden 2010).
Neonatal Palliative Care should be considered for newborns with a debilitating or constraining condition, because the rate of survival for these extremely preterm and sick newborns are low. When palliative services need to be considered, parents and family members should be counseled and educated on the services, although making a choice of this magnitude to withdraw life sustaining measures will leave a void in the hearts of many. Potential is lost and dreams are torn apart which leaves parents and family members to lament the loss. Instead of endure the pain of the loss, the family wants to hold on to the infant, when the best thing to do will be to let go.
The Professional Organization is the National Association of neonatal Nurses which was chosen because they are the only nonprofit neonatal organization whose whole purpose is to support the professional needs of neonatal nurses throughout their career ( NANN is the expert voice that shapes neonatal nursing through magnificence in practice, training, exploration and expert advancement, NANN is also the neonatal association with the strongest and most vibrant group of neonatal nurses (
The journal associated with this organization is Advances in Neonatal Care. This information was established through the website and the Co- Editors ...

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...r newborn child. The palliative care NICU nurse also furnishes organized sessions to help the staff with dealing with grief, which is supportive in lessening sympathy fatigue. This is a normal process for the healthcare team to go through when someone they have been caring for dies. (Thibeau2012).
The journey to the pearly gates may start with pain and suffering, but eventually the pain ceases and peace and tranquility sets in. Palliative care services are of the utmost importance for the neonate to have a quality life (Thibeau 2012). Pharmacological analgesics should be the only form of treatment at this stage of the life cycle (Thibeau 2012). Support for family and staff is of great importance (Thibeau 2012). Death is an inevitable piece of the circle of life, in the minds of most, it is really not the end, but the beginning of something new.

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