Essay on The Inequality Of Women By Hillary Jordan

Essay on The Inequality Of Women By Hillary Jordan

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When She Woke by hillary Jordan shows the inequality of women in a society run by males. Throughout the novel Hannah goes through society dyed the color red by the government because she had an abortion. She had an affair with a married famous church reverend and only aborted her child because of the shame and her love for the Reverend. Society shames mothers with children out of wedlock, and Hannah didn’t want to shame her lover Aiden. Women in society are being shamed and objectified through the book. Hannah challenges the sexist ideology in society, however she became more cognizant of sexism after she was chromed because her family suppressed her thoughts before. Hannah develops through into a feminist activist during her transition from being chromed.
Hannah’s early childhood development was distorted because her family sheltered her from the realities of society. Hannah’s parents were devout Catholics who instilled the sexist ideology from the bible upon their children. By enforcing sexist norms her parents gendered her to become dependent on a male. Hannah said that “They’d taught her that her highest purpose as a woman, the purpose for which she 'd been created, was to get married, be a helpmeet to her husband and raise a family” (Jordan 96). Hannah’s role is society would be a housewife according to her parents. She wasn’t allowed to go to college of further her education because it would stray her away from her path to marriage and children. Children are status in society and you must be married in the Catholic religion to have children. Hannah’s parents suppressed Hannah’s thoughts and beliefs because their ideology was that women are nurturers and are submissive to the patriarchal male, while men provide for their fam...

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...fter living out in the world Hannah saw how vulgar and sexist men like the Fist actually were. Hannah develops into a feminist throughout the novel by being chromed and leaving her family.
The patriarchal society Hannah was introduced to as a child gave her a negative connotation about feminist movements. After she was chromed Hannah viewed society from a new perspective. She voiced her opinion more, and in doing so relied less on religion and more in her beliefs of right and wrong. Hannah acknowledged the problems in society in the end of the novel. Some characters like Hannah’s mother and sister Becca will always be submissive to a patriarchal male. However after being chromes, Hannah could view society in a new perspective which caused her to become more of a feminist. Hannah develops as a character and becomes more of an advocate for women’s rights in society.

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