The Individual in "Chains of Illusion” Essay

The Individual in "Chains of Illusion” Essay

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Two distinct ways that identifies one's lifestyle is attributed to the concept of necrophilia and biophilia. Necrophilia can be defined as the love of death and biophilia can be defined as the love of life. Human character is dominated by both forces, but it is important to identify which of these forces plays a dominant role. The dominant role dictates the relational life one has with the world.
The class of people one can associate with necrophiliacs are members of violent gangs. Members of violent gangs thrive on the love of death, and this poses a great threat to a human society that strives to be good. Gangs are built on the basis of loyalty. Membership in violent gang hinges on one commonality, that is, lack of positive relationship with their primary caretakers. When one lives a life only for himself, life is lived in vain. I remember a friend of mine who was involved in gang lifestyle. He used to tell me the main reason for his admission in the gang was the fact that the gang was his family. The gang took care of him financially and emotionally taking the place of his primary care taker. This love and loyalty convinced him to love death for the sake of his gang. Therefore, a selfish life leads to the love of death due to loneliness.
Antithetical to Necrophilia is the concept of biophilia, which is the love of life. Human beings who have a healthy relationships tend to enjoy life. The sole purpose of their life is to live for others,thus making life a fulfilling accomplishment. The longer one lives for others, people tend to enjoy life and find meaning in living for others. In my personal life I have encountered people who are not tired of life ,but enjoy living every moment that it gives. For example, my grandfather,...

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... a organization. They claim that the role of an non-conformist is to clash with society and their rules. Fromm and Emerson were fascinated by thinkers who freed themselves from organized societies . The main problem with their philosophy is that if all of human race was non-conforming to society, the world would be destroyed. Laws were created to promote order and create a balance for the non-conformer. If there was no balance in the human entity, the world would be in chaos. A chaotic world is prone to destroy far more quicker than a world with laws and organizations.

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