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Individual Diversity in Chicago Essays

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Diversity in Chicago is astounding, known for the contrasting ethnic and racial society having contributed to the cultural and economic value of that great city. Chicago is defiantly one of the ultimate divers’ cities in the country. The City of Chicago thrives on its multicultural diversity and harmony throughout its neighborhoods. The city is overflowing with diversity from amazing dining and shopping to the breathtaking views from either the lakefront or even some of the most spectacular architecture skyscrapers. It is accustomed that Chicago defiantly represents diversity and its countless designs. However, diversity exists in Chicago that has a tendency to go unnoticed diversity of the individuals that compose the city.
Starting a brand-new journey in my life I have recently, taking new employment in Chicago, this has inclined me an opportunity to examine the city in an incomprehensive contemporary way. Over the years, I have had an opportunity to visit Chicago numerous times to sightseeing, or shopping and dine, but never on a regularly daily basis. As a brand-new adventure, I am absorbing all of my brand-new surroundings, which includes the diversity that the city has to offer including its individuals. I am finding myself fascinated by all of the diversity leaving me with numerous questions. Nevertheless, each day starts with an hour ride on the South Shore train from Northwest Indiana to Chicago. The train commute alone is complete of much diversity, watching numinous individuals interact with one another. All of the commuters are heading in an equal direction as me mostly to work, go to school or perhaps to visit.
The commute into Chicago is entirely divers so many race, gender, age, ideas, viewpoints, and perspect...

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...m? Are these individuals of the city living on the street because they have nowhere else to go? On the other hand, do they not have the wherewithal to do anything else? There are at least a hundred more examples that I could write about but I have shared just a few to create a picture of the diversity of the individuals.
The next time that you are in a big city such as Chicago, take a moment just look around or even just listen you will be amazed at what you see or hear. There is a good chance that you will witness the diversity of the individuals that make up that city. Cities such as Chicago demonstrate much diversity such as in their ethnic and racial societies that exist within. However, diversity exists in Chicago that has a tendency to go unnoticed by many people who pass through the streets such as the diversity of the individuals that make up the city.

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