Essay on Indian Pride : Myths And Truths

Essay on Indian Pride : Myths And Truths

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Prior to encountering the works Indian Pride: Myths and Truths, Indian Pride: Treaties and Sovereignty, and The Sundance Ceremony, I had speculated that Fools Crow exaggerated Native American customs and traditions in order to create a more compelling novel. Yet, after analyzing these works, I found that I was completely wrong. As Linda Smith states in Decolonizing Methodologies: “It galls us that Western researchers and intellectuals can assume to know all there is to know of us, on the basis of their brief encounters with some of us,” I had unjustly assumed I knew it all (1). Despite various attempts at altering the Native American identity, these three works help to “dispel Indian myths with the real truth” (Indian Pride: Myths and Truths). After encountering these works, I found three particular Native American elements to be intriguing. The first element is the ingenious belief that “they had it right,” referring to their “interdependence with all living things” (Indian Pride: Myths and Truths). The second interesting element is the indigenous definition of Sovereignty and how it coincides with Native American treaties. The last interesting element was the revival of the Sun Dance ceremony after several decades.
After watching Indian Pride: Myths and Truths, I believe it helps to “dispel Indian myths with the real truth.” I believe this concept directly relates to the issue of stereotyping raised in Decolonizing Methodologies. Smith claims that it “seeks to deny them further opportunities to be creators of their own cultures and nations” (1). I also believe that this statement is evident in Fools Crow, specifically when only white society is described as civilized: “He thought again of that red curly hair that always reminde...

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...unts into Native American lives, but they also gave insight into the cultural formalities of indigenous people.
These three works, Indian Pride: Myths and Truths, Indian Pride: Treaties and Sovereignty, and The Sundance Ceremony, have further deepened my understanding of authentic Native American identities. Today, Native Americans are faced with the dual burden of preserving their identities while simultaneously correcting the stereotypes that have accumulated over the decades. These works, along with Fools Crow and Decolonizing Methodologies, have portrayed the process of how indigenous identities have been historically defined and altered. Ultimately, I believe these works highlighted the importance of understanding one’s identity before stereotyping it, such as I had previously done when believing Fools Crow was a gross exaggeration of Native American customs.

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