Increasing Underrepresented High School Students ' College Transitions And Achievements By Charisse Cowan Pitre

Increasing Underrepresented High School Students ' College Transitions And Achievements By Charisse Cowan Pitre

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Part One: Overview of Article
The article Increasing Underrepresented High School Students’ College Transitions and Achievements by Charisse Cowan Pitre and Paul Pitre is based on research conducted to prove TRIO educational opportunity programs have been successful in their efforts to increase higher education attendance rates and educational attainment amongst students from low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented ethnic minority backgrounds. During President Lyndon Johnson’s tenure, the Federal High Education Act was passed and TRIO programs were designed. Per the article, “the primary goal of TRIO Programs is to provide equal educational opportunities for all U.S. citizens by increasing college readiness and developing higher education aspirations among students from low-income, first-generation college, and ethnic/racial minority background.” TRIO programs are comprised of the three programs following: Educational Talent Search, Upward Bound, and Student Support Services. These programs work together in efforts to help the underrepresented population flourish in a postsecondary setting. Educational Talent Search and Upward Bound Programs assist low-income, underrepresented ethnic/minority and first generation students transition from high school to college (Pitre & Pitre, 2009). Student Support Services provides services to these students once enrolled in higher education programs (Pitre & Pitre, 2009). TRIO programs are found within colleges, universities, community colleges, and agencies nationally. It is believed to be more than 2,700 TRIO programs helping nearly 866,000 underrepresented students. The article educates readers with a description of TRIO programs, studies relevant to TRIO programs and recommendat...

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...ams college before high school. TRIO staff and Student Affairs Professionals can use this recommendation to create newer programs that target middle school students. Since TRIO Programs are successful, TRIO professionals could continue documenting the programs ' success and research to generate more federal funds to expand the program as suggested.
Section Three: New Research Ideas
As stated, TRIO Educational Opportunity Programs are successful in assisting the underrepresented population within the higher education realms. However, it is believed to be an existing correlation between retention and first-generation students. First-generation students typically struggle to graduate from an institution of higher learning. It is recommended to research this correlation with the intentions to improve retention amongst first-generation students within higher education.

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