The Increasing Prevalence of 'Girl Fighting' in Society Essay

The Increasing Prevalence of 'Girl Fighting' in Society Essay

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It took the civil rights movement that began in the 1950’s to initiate wide ranging changes in the rights of women, further advanced by a coherent woman’s liberation movement beginning in the 1960’s (Garbarino 66). A couple months ago, girls from Husson University took down a man who was allegedly trying to stab his girlfriend, but the girls had learned pressure points and other martial arts to get the strength to bring the man down and get the girl to safety. Girls have been moving up on the metaphorical food chain secretly for a while now. They have been proving that they are just as tough, just as strong, and just as powerful as any man they had ever seen. Girls in recent years have not been as physical or verbal as they are now-a-days. There are many different topics about girl fighting that have been studied in recent years such as media influences, social influences, physical versus verbal fighting, girl fighting in terms of boys fighting, how the girls feel about it, and what they should do post to being in girl fighting. Girl Fighting has increased through the years because of the influences of the media, social cliques, and the comparison of men and woman.
Being a “good girl” has caused many girls to avoid fighting, but in other cases have caused girls to become “girls gone bad.” It all starts with friends all of a sudden start ignoring certain girls or a group of friends shut one particular person out of the rest. They start to make jokes and make up fake rumors to start drama (Simmons 56). “Good girls” then, are expected not to experience anger. Aggression endangers relationships, imperiling a girls’ ability to be caring and nice. Aggression undermines who girls have been raised to be. Girls will often call each oth...

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...t of hand at some point.

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