Essay about Improving The Overall Education System

Essay about Improving The Overall Education System

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Would allowing students the ability to evaluate their teachers improve the overall education system? As long as there have been school systems, the teachers have been the only ones who are the allowed to evaluate and critique. The students should also get to have the responsibility to use the method of evaluation on their teachers in order to create a more studious classroom and a better-rounded teacher. Implementing this system would allow the students to critique their teachers and in the end would hopefully give the students a teacher who will use the teaching methods and the learning techniques that will make the students gain most from their education. Allowing students the ability to evaluate their teachers would not only benefit the teachers and the school, but would also benefit the students.
Students are the only ones who can observe the teachers on a daily basis. The students will be able to give a rather more accurate evaluation of the teachers because the students have had months to form an opinion on the teacher which is more time than anyone else has had (Ripley). The principal will at times go around to all the different classrooms and sit in on the class to observe how well the teacher is doing his job and whether or no the class is well behaved. During this observation however, the students and the teachers will always be on their best behavior so the principal cannot really be getting an accurate representation of what is actually going on in the classrooms (Ripley). The students actually get to observe the teacher on a day-to-day basis. Occasionally the
Johnson 2
teacher will have a great day of teaching but other times the teacher will be struggling in order to teach the class or the teacher will not ...

... middle of paper ... evaluations (Johnson). It is to be looked through and if there are many students commenting on the same problem with a teacher, then the necessary course of action should be taken to look into the matter in the hopes of correcting it.
Having student evaluations of the teachers in the school systems would benefit the teachers, the school and also the students. Students deserve the right to have a way to measure the performance of their teachers and how well the teachers meet their required expectations. School systems should set up the student evaluation as a trial at first and if it is as successful as it should be then to place it into their schools for the students to use on a yearly, if not monthly, basis. The student evaluation of teachers would be a benefit to the school systems and it would be able to improve the learning and the teaching environment.

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