Improving Quality While Decreasing The Cost Of Health Care Essays

Improving Quality While Decreasing The Cost Of Health Care Essays

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Health care today focuses on two main topics; these are improved quality while decreasing the cost of health care. At the national level, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have recently released a new set of payment models to help address the health care spending within the United States, along with an attempt to make providers provide quality care (“Delivery system reform,” n.d.).‌ This focus is a combined with efforts to increase efficiency, simplify procedures, and improve access to the right services at the right time (Vinson, McCallum, Thornlow, & Champagne, 2011). In rural communities, the availability of qualified staff members is limited, while patients’ needs remain the same or are greater in comparison to urban areas ("Rural Health Disparities," 2016). Rural communities health disparities include ”geographic isolation, lower socio-economic status, higher rates of health risk behaviors, and limited job opportunities” ("Rural Health Disparities," 2016, para. 2).‌ An efficient telehealth nursing service is a strategy that rural communities can utilize in an effort for improving patients outcomes and decreasing costs of care for these individuals (Vinson et al., 2011)‌. Telehealth is the umbrella term that generally covers the context for services that are delivered through electronic and telecommunication technologies to increase access to care and decreasing the cost of these services that improve patient outcomes (Vinson et al., 2011). In this paper we are going to review how evidence-based practice (EBP) can be applied in providing telehealth services in rural communities and improve care coordination.
Overview, Key points, and Implementation Strategies
The primary focus of the implementation project was to he...

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...h the use of an EBP model to provide a systematic model of implementation, along with the findings of this study which focused on the processes and procedures related to telehealth nursing services, implementation can be relatively seamless within the rural clinics. When the implementation strategies are linked to updated protocols and education, nursing staff can adequately provided the necessary information to patients and appropriately communicate with both the patients and the providers. Therefore increasing the safety and effectiveness of services provided by the nursing staff in a standardized manner, the overall costs of providing telehealth services will decrease. While the ability to appropriately address the health care needs of individuals with chronic diseases in the rural communities, that are experiencing health disparities due to geographical isolation.

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