Improving Health and Nutrition Essay

Improving Health and Nutrition Essay

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The column Unhappy Meals informed and listed the meals that affects our nutrition and health today. Having foods that can cause diseases and did not have the right vitamins were said to be avoided. It also contained information on the guidelines for a healthier diet so it would help people get better nutrition, but it did not. The discovery of carbs being the main source of making people gain weight instead of fat was what changed many views of nutrition. Fruits and vegetables was also known to have a specific chemical that lowered a person’s chance of not getting cancer or other harmful diseases. The results of many Westerner’s was that they ate everything, but their fruits and vegetables and if they did, it was not enough. Getting the right nutrition and vitamins are some of the important benefactors in improving people’s health and it may even increase their chances of living longer.
The increased rates of obesity made many nutritionists and government officials become more concerned about people in the United States. Researches were being done to prevent the rise of obesity an...

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