The Impossibility of Reducing Global Warming and Environmental Hypocrisy

The Impossibility of Reducing Global Warming and Environmental Hypocrisy

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After watching Heat, it is easy to realize the effects of global warming caused largely by what humanity labels progress and on the “acceleration of human consumption” (Smith). More than ever, individuals are taking a proactive, almost cult-like approach to save planet Earth. But, who is behind this “save the planet” crusade)? Who determines what needs to change to protect the earth and its natural resources, and in fact, sustain life itself? Concerned individuals and those dubbed “environmentalists” are behind this effort.
According to, an environmentalist is 1) an expert on environmental problems, and 2) any person who advocates or works to protect the air, water, animals, plants, and other natural resources from pollution or its effects ( In Heat, these experts and advocates are speaking out, especially about global warming and its effects on earth and the future of humanity.
There is no denying that everything nowadays, either manipulated by Man, as in fuels and waste products, or by nature, as in cow methane emissions, has profoundly accelerated global warming. Others, such as Joseph Romm, author of Hell and High Water, take a more cautious approach,” ...What it [global warming] does is it just makes certain things more likely. So you cross a threshold and you get a collapse” (Smith). We have crossed the threshold, and going back is an impossibility.
The Impossibility
It is difficult to imagine that the snowcaps of Mt. Everest and the Himalayas are gradually disappearing. From 1921 to the present, 40% of the snow that covered these majestic mountains has melted. (Smith). At this rate, it would seem that in 100 years, 80% of the snow will be gone. Many, experts or not, are quick to tell so...

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You Tube (2009). Sunita Narain talk at the Joint Annual Rendez-vous Energie-Cités / Climate Alliance in Brussels in April 2009. Sunita gives its opinion on the conference and stresses the importance of the action of both networks in Europe.
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