Essay on The Importance Of The Nursing Profession And The Healthcare System

Essay on The Importance Of The Nursing Profession And The Healthcare System

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The success of today’s nurses cannot be fully appreciated until history is taken into consideration. There have been enormous changes in the role of the nursing profession and the healthcare system. A significant amount of this success can be credited to a woman named Florence Nightingale. Going against the wishes of her family, Nightingale followed her calling to the nursing field and had major influence that helped society show more respect to the vocation than ever before. One of these changes includes the influence of education on nurses. Nightingale was passionate about improving healthcare and education was important to change the way people were cared for. After her work overseas in the military, Nightingale changed the previous state of the nurse by implementing regulations and high expectations in her schools that paved the way for better healthcare and well-being for the patient.
Upon coming home after her work during the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale set out to provide education for nurses. The constant witnessing of death fueled her passion to prolong death from happening. She wrote the first book on nursing called the Notes of Nursing in 1960. Nightingale gave advice on how one could care for their family, managing illness, and discussed the principles of nursing in this book. Most nurses did not have any material to learn from besides learning from their family or from other nurses. Nightingale also set up schools in British hospitals which were structured by a set of standards. These standards that regulated the education of the nurses were called the “Nightingale Principles”. The established nursing schools lasted a year and were called the “famous trio”. These consisted of Bellevue College in New York, the New...

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...most educated professions during this age. Nurses are required to go through intense memorization and schooling in order to be qualified for their job. As a nurse, education does not stop at the university. The nurse will continue to get educated as long as they are working. Medicine is continually changing and it is important for the nurse to stay up to date to keep the patient as safe as possible. We can give a lot of credit to Florence Nightingale for her tireless work in improving patient care. Because of her strong passion to educate nurses, they most likely would not be as advanced as they are today. Nightingale went against her parents, the medical field, and society around her to follow the call of bettering the lives of others. The nursing field was not always a respected one, but the influence of education goes to show what a benefit it can be to society.

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