The Importance Of The Liver Essay

The Importance Of The Liver Essay

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The importance of the liver is imperative to the whole body due to its many active roles. One of the purposes for the liver is to regenerate damaged or dead tissue. The liver has the greatest regeneration capability of any organ in the body. When injury from viral infection, chemical toxicity, or autoimmune inflammation damage or kill liver cells; the remaining cells can compensate by doubling their metabolic function, however, if liver injury or cell loss exceeds its ability to compensate, the liver functions will diminish (RnCeus, 2015). Another function of the liver is to filter blood coming from the digestive track. When blood enters the liver, it is rich in glucose. Hepatocytes absorb much of this glucose and pack it away until when it can quickly be released as hormone insulin between meals. Hepatocytes also can absorb and store fatty acids from digested triglycerides that help maintain the homeostasis of blood glucose. As mentioned earlier, the liver also makes protein for blood clotting. The production of protein for blood clotting comes from the components of blood plasma: prothrombin, fibrinogen, and albumins. For blood clotting to occur, coagulation of the proteins prothrombin and fibrinogen must be involved. Included with these functions, the liver also performs as an immune system. It captures and digests bacteria, along with worn-out blood cells, and fungi. Put all these functions together and it will produce a healthy active liver that is critical for survival of the human body (WebMD, 2015).
There a multiple organ-specific cells that makes up the liver. One mentioned previously, hepatocytes, are the most predominant cell type in the liver. Hepatocytes help produce the primary function of the liver,...

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... Without the combination of these cells and tissues, the functions of the body would not exist. All of these functions make the liver a vital organ, without which the tissues of the body would quickly die from lack of energy and nutrients (InnerBody, 2009). The advantage of having the combination of different tissue and unique cells is that they all play their own active roles. A perfect example would be that our body cannot use medicines we take, our liver convert’s medicine into a form accepted by our bodies. Without these functions of the liver, medicine would be useless. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body with playing active roles in the digestion, metabolism, detoxification, storage, production and immunity of the human body. It is critical for survival. Unfortunately, there are more people on the donor list than available donors.

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