The Importance Of Teaching As A Profession Essay

The Importance Of Teaching As A Profession Essay

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Teaching as a Profession
Until the twentieth century, teachers had very little preparation and training to becoming an educator. Teacher training typically involved one to two years at a teacher’s college before being employed at a local school, where teachers had to follow strict rules and regulations- even outside of the school. However, teachers have recently been working hard towards being professionals in their fields and they have earned the right to be judged on their success at work, rather than their behavior outside of the school. For the greater good of society, teachers have been striving to reach a full professional status.
Characteristics of a Profession
According to the text, the characteristics of a full profession are:
1. Public service or a lifetime commitment to a career
2. A defined body of knowledge and skills
3. An extended time of specialized training
4. Control over licensing standards/entry requirements
5. Control over decision making in selected work spheres
6. A set of performance standards- responsibility for judgements made
7. A self-governing organization consisting of members of the same profession
8. Professional associations for recognition of achievements
9. A code of ethics
10. High prestige and economic standing
While teaching is not viewed as a profession, due to the lack of some characteristics, there are many ways in which teachers are striving to reach a more professional status in their fields. Teachers lack a defined body of knowledge, control over licensing standards/entry requirements, control over decision making in selected work spheres, and high prestige and economic standing. Due to these reasons, teaching as a profession has fallen behind fields such as medicine and law. Even tho...

... middle of paper ... gives teachers more authority to control their working conditions and their effectiveness as a teacher.
Mediated entry is another trend used to help turn teaching into a profession. Mediated entry is the process of inducting people into a profession through stages that help teach them how to apply professional knowledge in the work place. Before mediated entry the attrition rate of first year teachers was fourteen percent, but more recently, the retention rates of new teachers are have been better. Induction to the teaching profession includes clinical settings, where prospective teachers gain more classroom experience before starting student teaching. Teacher unions, education reform groups, and federal legislature supports the process of mediated entry because it expands the teacher’s education, which leads to better retention and increased student learning.

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