Importance of Sachar's Holes

Importance of Sachar's Holes

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Good morning miss ____ and class, today I am going to talk to you about, why "holes" by Louis sachar should be included as a new text for years english students. If you have seen the movie holes, what did you think about it? Did you like it or dislike it. Today I’m going to give you my opinion.

My opinion on Louis sachar’s holes is it is actually a great read and should definitely be included as a new text for future year 8 english students. Louis sachar has used a very smart technique, in which there are a lot of sub plots infact there are six: the story of Stanley’s great great grandfather elya and Madame Zeroni, the story of stanleys great grandfather and kissin Kate, the story of zero and the theft of the sneakers the story of the wardens search for treasure, the story of Sam the onion man and then there’s the main plot with Stanley and zero at camp green lake.

The story of Stanley and zero is set in the middle of Texas where it is a extremely dry and barren there is no water for 100 miles, it seems the only living thing is a lizard called the yellow spotted lizard which could kill anyone with just one bite! I think that this is a great spot the author has chosen to set a boys camp, because it makes it more interesting that there is no gates or walls, they could practically just walk out whenever they wanted to.

Kissing Kate was the outlaw at the time that Stanley’s great Grandfather was around. She got her name because she would kiss her victims goodbye just before she killed them. Stanley’s great grandfather had just made a fortune in the stock market and was moving from New York to California when kissing Kate the outlaw robbed him and took every last cent, but I guess this time he was lucky she didn’t kill him or kiss him goodbye, she just took the money and left Stanley’s great grandfather stranded in the desert.

The sub plot I like most in the book would probably be the one of kissing Kate and Sam the onion man because its set at the same location as zero and Stanley’s story but one hundred and ten years ago, and the descriptions are totally different the one of when Sam the onion man and kissing Kate where there was lush, damp and full of cool water infact there was once the largest lake in Texas once situated there, there were also trees growing peaches.

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But when Stanley got to camp green lake it was barren and desolate there were few run down buildings and a couple of tents, with no lake the ground was hard dry dirt with only two or so trees, there weren’t even weeds.
The subplots in holes play an interesting role in the book because when you start to get to the 3-quarter mark the strands start coming together and now you understand why the subplots are there.
The characters in the plot with Stanley and zero seem to be mean and spiteful at first, like when Stanley used x-rays real name and not his nickname x-ray pushed him to the ground terrifying Stanley, but once you get further in to the book and get to know x-ray He doesn’t seem that bad its just he really doesn’t like being called by his name which society will recognise him by for the rest of his life.
The best part of the book I thought was when Stanley got into a fight with zigzag about zero digging Stanley’s holes for him. although the fight would have been even, Stanley didn’t want to hit zigzag back in case he got in trouble or the other boys would join in.
zigzag started punching Stanley in the head holding him by the collar until his collar ripped and Stanley fell to the ground.
Mr pendanski their carer kept shouting stop but zigzag just kept going zigzag was now on top of Stanley punching his face into the ground, zero saw that no one would stop this so he jumped on top of zigzag choking him, luckily Zigzag didn’t die but then the fight was split up resulting in zero hitting Mr Pendaski across the face with a shovel and running away in to the desert.

Concluding my speech I think that holes by Louis sachar should definitely be included as a text for year 8 students. A GREAT READ! Thankyou for listening to my speech.
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