The Importance of Possessing a Good Work Ethic Essay

The Importance of Possessing a Good Work Ethic Essay

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Work, this four letter word can take on a completely different definition depending on who is being asked, ranging from early adolescent teens on their first day of work to elders on their very last due to retirement. Employers look for people who will represent them in a positive way. This can sometimes mean that a person be asked to do an activity that may seem degrading like standing outside in a busy street advertising fried chicken within a chicken suit. In the workforce one can be struck with misfortune but “there is no ‘shame’ in doing any honest job”(Hooks 285) there is reward in itself when doing any type of job with no remorse and pride in accomplishing to earn money to support a family and/or oneself. Having a good understanding of what “right livelihood” (Hooks 287) means will prepare a person to go further in achieving a good work ethic.
“Right livelihood, in both its ancient and its contemporary sense, embodies self-expression, commitment, mindfulness and conscious choice... when we consciously choose to do work we enjoy, not only can we get things done, we can get them done well and be intrinsically rewarded for our effort” (Hooks 287). Trying hard at being successful and happy in the workplace is primarily depended upon the employee’s ability to be productive. Merging both success and happiness together is difficult and acquires experience. “I love my work. The day is full of activities” (Durkin 330) this is how I felt when I started my first paying job at JcPenney, a major retail store, the job was simple and easy. All I really had to do was keep things neat and attend to costumers, however as with any other low level position, the feeling didn’t last long and I soon fell into a routine. I hated working there, e...

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...0). Work continues to be a four letter word that impacts my life, yet I know more now thanks to the wise loving care of my parents, and the harsh reality of the real world.

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