The Importance Of Planning For Team Development Essay

The Importance Of Planning For Team Development Essay

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1.0 Introduction
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success,” (Ford, n.d). Ford’s quote and the concept of teamwork in planning are significantly important and prevalent in contemporary planning practices. The importance of a team in planning is imperative in providing a good plan. The team would also advance through the stages of team development. As a result an effective and cohesive team is achieved and there becomes a common goal is produce the paramount result. However, members within an effective team may come into conflicts with ideas or practices. Likely, these conflicts can be resolved with simple strategies. Nevertheless, through all the conflicts within a team group, teamwork still provides a better outcome than one individual’s planning.
2.0 Importance for Team in Planning
Town planning encourage team work skills as a highly important expertise for planners. Many projects require planners to be a part of a team whether it alongside other planners, developers or with engineers, architects and many other professions. Planning involves extensive amount of team work and skills as society is always changing thus the demand for new innovative ideas. Teamwork is important as one individual’s aspect for the project differs to another’s. Therefore, for a balance and well thought idea for all three pillars: social, economic and environmental a team is highly important. The engagement and collaboration with other planners and professions can result in the most appropriate and effective result as oppose to one planner planning. Furthermore, the four interconnected reasons for team based practice in town planning include but not limited to these;
1. The complexity of the planning tas...

... middle of paper ... individual (The University of Melbourne, 2013). This conflict can be resolved by regularly reviewing the work and improving the communication between each individual (Johnson, 2015). Another large conflict that arises is the unfair distribution of work to each person. Whilst it is important for each individual to adapt to every Belbin role that is needed, one must not receive more or less work. The unequal distribution could lead to resentment, inefficiency and the unfairness of a member not contributing but still receiving the marks. All these conflicts can be resolved promptly before it hinder on the work quality. The team should identify the causes of conflict, state their effect on the team and negotiate a solution that suits all. Most importantly, the team should communicate regularly and be proactive about any situations (The University of Melbourne, 2013).

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