The Importance Of Meeting The One By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

The Importance Of Meeting The One By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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The idea of “meeting the one” has been engraved into the heads of many Americans. It’s become a significant idea in our culture and is a solid part of the traditional American dream. From the time we are young, we are taught that there is going to be a person who will change our lives and put butterflies in our stomachs. This message is broadcast through music, movies, television, books and in my case, family. It seems like such a simple task, to meet one person and “make it work”, to find a happily ever after. However, as one grows, changes and experiences romantic encounters, it becomes relatively clear that it’s quite difficult to find the happily ever we’ve been conditioned to believe we deserve. Growing up in a family with many dynamic relationships, I learned that all relationships will present struggles that require compromise, perspectives the require empathy and endurance that requires love.

Section 1: Relationships Within My Family of Origin
It was a bleak rainy winter day. Rain trickled down the rooftop of my mother’s office building as she scurried through the doors and into the lobby. She took the elevator up to the fifth floor and glided through the office to her bosses desk. At 21, she was still finishing up getting her college degree and working for this company as a part time receptionist. However, in this fateful day, she would disengage from her usual routine and sit at her boss’s desk. As she began taking messages, my father walked past the office and she caught his eye. He was twenty seven and taking a tour of the office for reasons he says he forgets now. The second he spotted my mother he knew he had to have her. After the tour...

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... sexaul exploration. I learned what I liked and what I didn’t. I understood that a fight was better solved with communication than silence and seeked the submissive role since that’s what I had been taught. I would never dare to ask a boy out and to this day I can’t even text first. I’m aware that it’s 2016 and as a women I should feel empowered to express myself but, I’d rather save that for my career than my love life. After I had sex, I discovered that relationships were more complex than I had first assumed and that

Section 3:
I learned that there is no how to or by the book relationship. No matter how many books a person reads or statistics they learn a true romantic relationship does not fit within the borders of a typical case. Because there is no typical case. Love is confusing and disappointing and wonderful. It causes the human

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