Essay on Importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Essay on Importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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The issue of whether HBCU’s are still needed have been occurring constantly in today’s nation. HBCU’s have been in existence for almost two centuries now. Their principal mission is to educate African Americans, and they have. HBCU’s graduate more than 50% of “African American” professionals and public school teachers. But, HBCU’s have been facing challenges such as their decrease in diversity, financing, and graduate rates which has caused a speculation of their importance in today’s communities. I believe that HBCU’s are still needed.
HBCU’s have a line of history behind them. Each Institution provides examples of dedication and determination and they offer an education for “African-American” students and students of different backgrounds. HBCU’s prepare students for leadership and successful futures. Institutions today are facing major issues that could cause them to be non-existence but they work hard and push until they get what they need. This is a source of motivation to alumni’s and prospective students. The Colleges provide history, motivation, provision, and most importantly knowledge to every student that attends.
As a result of HBCU’s being predominantly black, many people refer to HBCU’s as a waste of time. Many people say that they do not prepare you for the real world. They argue that HBCU’s are not preparing you to face what life will throw at you. For Example, if you were the minority or if you were facing something you’ve never experienced. I can completely understand why they would believe that. The majority of students are African American but HBCU’s are very open to accepting anyone no matter what their race or ethnicity. Every student that attends a HBCU leaves with confidence, knowledge, and power to overcom...

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...sented themselves such as: lack of financial support, low graduation rates, and a non-existence of diversification. However, these issues can be changed by an increase in support from different places which would add to the existing importance of HBCU’S. People are inspired by the Institutions because they work hard to overcome obstacles placed in their way. Students, Alumni’s, and Parents see the motivation and determination of the schools to stay ongoing and I see it as well.

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