The Pros And Cons Of School Segregation

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I believe schools are a reflection of their communities. Our schools are no longer segregated due the US Supreme court decision handed down in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. However, a schools makeup is similar to the communities they serve. A majority white school belongs in a majority white community. A diverse community such in large cities like New York will have diverse student body in their schools. Schools in the United States have been desegregated for over a half-century or have they. A film called “Little Rock Central- 50 Years Later” says differently. Little Rock Central is the famous high school where the Little Rock Nine students went to school. The school was forced by the federal government to desegregate. This film now captures this same high school fifty years later and finds a new type of segregation. The new type of segregation is now about social economic class and academic class. In todays Little Rock Central High School it is fully segregated high school but not fully integrated…show more content…
Little Rock Central High School is considered a very prestigious high school and is recognized as one of the top academic high schools in the country by the amount of National Merit Scholars it produces every year. The reputation of the high school itself gives students a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, especially Ivy League Schools. However, still only students from high social- economic standing, majority of them being Caucasian, are the only ones reaping the benefits from high academics offered at Little Rock Central High School. The majority of low-economic African American students are considerably underrepresented in the high academic classes offered at Little Rock Central High School. Majority of these students will not go on to college or let alone graduate high

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