The Importance Of Finances And Advice On The Future Finances After College

The Importance Of Finances And Advice On The Future Finances After College

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In this interview what was covered was the importance of finances and advice on what the future finances after college, starting life on your own. She stated that a weekly budget is better than a monthly budget because with a weekly budget you can adjust throughout the month. She gave the example that if you are paid 600 dollars a month, then you add up all the incoming bills for that week and subtract it to the incoming money. What you have left over from that can be applied to gas, and groceries for the week. If you go over that week for instance grocery shopping, then you will need to cut back another week of the month. She then explained a mortgage and what a second mortgage was. A mortgage is a loan taken out to buy a house because typically people cannot pay cash for their homes. She explained that she got her mortgage from an online resource when getting approved for the house that she was buying. She gave other places where you can get a mortgage such as a real estate broker, and the bank. She then stated that she has never personally taken a second mortgage out but typically...

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