The Importance of Dialogue to Help Resolve Racism Essay

The Importance of Dialogue to Help Resolve Racism Essay

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Racism has become a taboo subject. The word racism is often viewed as a powerfully loaded word as if it were a cuss word. Controversies surrounding the subject of racism are endless, such as: who is racist, the causes of racism, solutions for racism, and if racism still affects society. Paul L. Wachtel's essay "Talking About Racism: How Our Dialogue Gets Short-Circuited" claims that racial problems are caused by whites not being willing to hear and resolve concerns of blacks. He does bring up a valid point about dialogue being important in order to find a solution to racial strife. Yet, Wachtel undermines his own premise by using counter-productive reverse racism while extensively declaring productive inner racial communication as a solution to racial strife. I don't have a solution for racism. Trying to repair the negative effects on society by racism cannot be done by endlessly blaming Caucasians for being the problem. Dialogue must continue between all people to find a resolution and move beyond racism.
The definition of racism as defined by is, "a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others." Racism violates the oneness of humanity. Quite often people view racism as a one-sided issue. That of the white culprit against the non-white victim. The consequence of holding to this thought process, a racism in itself, is inhibiting people from resolution.
Throughout history there have been examples of racism. Before America was established there was racism of European nations against each other, racism of Asian ethnic groups agai...

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... and blame in order to find a solution to racial strife. In order to move past this hatred people need to engage in a productive dialogue without blame. Holding on to the hatred does not enable people to move on and resolve the issue. Continuing to engage in counter productive reverse racism while extensively advocating productive inter-racial communication is not a solution. Dialogue must continue between all people to find a resolution and move beyond racism.

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