The Importance of Crisis Management in Schools Essay

The Importance of Crisis Management in Schools Essay

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a) types and frequences of crisis encountered in the school,
b) the roles and functions of the school staff involved in this process,
c) understanding the crisis management,
d) barries in conducting the crisis plan and the typical features of it in the school crisis field,
e) interventions strategies,
f) and resources used and required for this job.
In order to comprehend what is crisis management, it was build the crisis framework thought defining the concept and the core issues and discussing the various definitions, types, stages, and phases of crisis. The key words that were used in the research included “school crisis”, “intervention”, “trauma”, “crisis planning”, “crisis intervention”, “school response”, “crisis response”, “disasters”, and “school health” (Love & Cobb, 2012, p. 159). This research is based on the existing theretical and empirical information about crisis management. Hence, it is important to maintain the crisis plans for each difficulty in order to protect the educational institutes and to prevent it from happenning in the future, but some institutes fail it.

The main aim was to understand the teacher’s experience in the crisis situations and lessons learned from it, including indentification of the gaps. The crisis investigated include the residence fire, community crisis and an students social life.

The origins of the crisis theory was founded in the psychological and medical journals in 1920s (Murphy, 2004, p. 13). The schoolar’s research was concentrated on the diverse areas, like “hysteria”, “mental conflict” or “acure grief”, which established early definitions of crisis intervention concepts. It was recognised by various schools, like Erickson (1963), Caplan (1964), Quierdo (1968), that Linde...

... middle of paper ...

...l crisis, but as consequence of violence and natural disaster (Pagliocca & Nickerson, 2001, p. 376).
Various researches thoroughly discuss the managing school crises, defining the meaning of the crisis and describing the PREPaRE model (Reeves, Brock, & Cowan, 2008) (Love & Cobb, 2012). The previously mentioned acronym means the following:
• Prevent and prepare
• Reaffirm health and perceptions
• Evaluate risk
• Provide interventions
• Respond
• Examine the effectiveness and intervention.
A review of literature shows those events might include the suicide of a student or staff, natural disasters, shooting of a teacher, tragic incidents or violence at school (School Crisis Management, 2005; Pagliocca & Nickerson, 2001, p. 376). Notwithstanding, Reeves et al. (2008, p. 10) has identified it as physical and mental health and safety in terms of the school culture.

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