No Fun For No Funding

No Fun In No Funding
How many people have a connection with education? Almost everyone in the United States receives an education. School is one of the most influential places in the world. Students learn numerous lessons about life while attending a school. Students generate acquaintances and new memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Why would the government stop funding one of the most needed places on earth? Education can lead people to new experiences. Without the funding from the government, schools cannot operate the way they are supposed to.The necessities the students need to achieve their goals such as, sports and teachers are taken away due to the lack of funding. Without proper funding of education, the youth of today will be hard pressed to find success.
To help with the limited funds produced by the government, multiple organizations assist schools with the much needed funds. The Great Recession triggered the cutbacks in school funding. The government did not want to lay off a bevy of teachers, so it provided a mass of funds to help temporarily. The government made this situation an even bigger dilemma by briefly giving funds to the schools in need. When the government stops providing funds is when it starts to affect schools. States around the country now need to decide to whether restore revenue or let the cuts happen (Baker). The government decided to stop offering funds to schools in 2011. The state revenues still have not recovered from the recession; thus, many schools still do not have the proper funds that are needed. In order to help with the funds, there are numerous organizations that were made as an aid to provide these much needed funds (Oliff). One of the organization is Th...

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...dent may not know about his or her strengths until told so. Not only will the self esteem of him or her rise, but it could help with some major decisions after high school. Teachers have a bigger impact on the lives of students than communities and the government recognizes.
As an important aspect of the United States, education needs to be funded by the government. Education is an important aspect of the United States. The people of the United States pay taxes; therefore, the citizens pay for children to go to school. Why should the government take that away? The law requires students to attend school so they might as well enjoy themselves while doing it. Children cannot do that if the government takes away some of the most beneficial subjects or activities at school. If the government end the funding of schools, where will schools get the money needed to function?
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