The Importance Of Creating An Atmosphere Of Respect And Rapport Essays

The Importance Of Creating An Atmosphere Of Respect And Rapport Essays

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The teach I observe does a great job of creating an atmosphere of respect and rapport.
My supervising teacher does an amazing job with her first and second grade class. One thing that has stuck out to me is how she annunciates. There is a big difference in the student’s ability to stay engaged when she annunciates, emphasizing the important things she is talking about. As young children, it is hard to keep them entertained and learning at the same time. Young kids need to be moving around constantly. Along with my supervising teacher’s diction, she also does an outstanding job at keeping the children moving around when they are learning. When a few students ask the same question, my supervising teacher calming calls the entire class to the front of the room where they can sit to discuss the question at hand. Her patience helps the children feeling comfortable to ask questions in order to learn. Because my supervising teacher is able to keep the children engaged and in motion, the environment of the classroom is ideal for young children.

2. In my supervising teacher’s classroom all of the children take turns being her assistant each day.
Having a teacher assistant that is the peer of the children help to teach the children respect for one another. For example, if Gabriel is the assistant that day then he would get the opportunity to sit in the special round table on the side of the room (which is SO much cooler then a desk). Also, Gabriel would assist Mrs. Swoyer in calling tables to line up for recess and lunch. Lastly, as the assistant, Gabriel would get to be the leader of the calendar learning. He would explain to everyone the current day of the week and the calendar date. He would then get the opportunity to choose a friend t...

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...ilitary man, one would think that Mr. Brown would have a harsh demeanor about him. Although he was stern looking, he always was relaxed in his attitude. Mr. Brown was my favorite teacher because he was the first teacher that I had ever had that let me decide if I wanted to pay attention. All of my other teachers had always forcefully gotten my attention or threaten recess or detention. Not Mr. Brown. In his classroom it was your choice to pay attention and learn. Surprisingly, that is exactly what happened in my case (and most others). That year I learned what it was like to take responsibility of my own education and teach myself how I learned best. Mr. Brown taught me more about perseverance and believing in myself than I had learned all of my other years of schooling. Most students react to the in-your-face teachers; I prefer one that makes me want to learn more.

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