Ideal Teacher Essay

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There are many characteristics and qualities that go into making a world class teacher. Some important things to look at are a teacher’s actions, mindset, and the way they run their classroom. A world class teacher to me is an educator who deeply cares about their students and wants them to do their best in all areas of learning and life. Providing students with the knowledge and tools in life to succeed are the components that go into an excellent education. The best teachers are able to be active learners along with the students to help them learn as much as possible. An outstanding teacher goes out of their way to make sure that every student is getting the best education that they can provide. If students need more help or more encouragement a teacher should not be afraid to go out for their way to…show more content…
In order to be a world class teacher you must understand and embrace the importance you have on society, want to be a lifelong learner, and have the ability to make learning fun. Teachers hold a very big responsibility, because their students are America’s future. It is the teacher’s duty to educate children to the best of their abilities. The school system needs to be aware that they play a huge role in shaping student’s ideas and in turn the ideals of the nation. In the book “From Dare the School Build a New Social Order” George S. Counts stated, “My thesis is that complete impartiality is utterly impossible, that the school must shape attitudes, develop tastes, and even impose ideas. It is obvious that the whole of creation cannot be brought into the school. This means that some selection must be made of teachers, curricula architecture, methods of teaching,” (Counts 121). Since teachers and the schools have such a big impact on students they must be mindful of what they teach. They must be aware of the way that teach and how they teach it. Children are
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