Essay on The Importance of Birth Order

Essay on The Importance of Birth Order

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The first to present the importance of the birth order theory is Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler, yet professionals continue to debate and perfect it. Birth order is proven to have a profound and crucial effect on psychological development. This theory has been often been challenged by researchers, yet it continues to have a strong presence in pop-culture. According to Adler, changing circumstances of the family over time is the main cause of the discrediting of the theory. Although there are many variables taken into consideration when identifying birth order, typical first, middle, third, and only children are all recognizable due to their undeniable characteristics. Despite the fact that there are many factors that contribute to a person’s evolvement, research shows that birth order is the leading factor to a human’s, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

First-borns are ambitious, conscientious, and slightly more aggressive than their younger siblings. (Lorenz, 1) The eldest children are well represented in higher education professions and identify strongly with power. The best relationship pairing according to Kevin Leman is the marriage between a first and last born. (Leman, 2) Usually the first born teaches last borns organization and structural skills while the last born provides comic relief. On the negative side, firstborns are the sole ones who experience having their parents all to themselves, then having to share them. For this reason, they’re thought to be anxious, defensive, and all around emotionally intense. Health complications that follow the oldest child include being at risk for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease due to the fact that first children are often stressed and suffer fr...

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