The Importance Of A Professional School Counselor Essay

The Importance Of A Professional School Counselor Essay

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In this paper, it will be explored the meaning behind the ASCA national model, its importance, and how it will shape the counselors to be. As a counselor in training, it was understood the ASCA national model is a guideline for professional school counselors to be more productive and sufficient in the workplace. Therefore, as a trainee it is vital to grasp and implement these four components: foundation, management system, delivery system, and accountability.
Keywords: ASCA, Model, Development, accountability, system, and Counselors.

The responsibilities of a professional school counselor are to design and deliver comprehensive programs to promote student achievement. The guidelines of The ASCA National Model are to outline and bring counselors together with one vision and one voice to improve student achievement (ASCA, 2016). The compressive school programs are driven by student data and are based on academic, career, and personal/ social development. The programs are collaborating between the counselor, parents, and many other educators to create an environment that promotes student excellences (ASCA, 2016). A productive school counselor will focus on their skills, time and energy on direct and indirect services to all students. Therefore, to achieve those goals, the ASCA recommends that a school counselor should not have more than 250 students and that 80 percent or more of a counselor’s time in direct and indirect services. As a result, we will focus on the delivery of those services.
Direct Student Services
Direct student services are in person interaction between the counselor and student. The services are described as, school counseling cor...

... middle of paper ...

...parents to advocate for the student. However, luckily, in their case the counselor is very much involved with developing the needed supports. Again, without all the support, the student can get lost in the shuffle. Therefore, those services can be a huge help for the students and families.
To be a counselor, one must follow the ASCA National Model and become advocate for all students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and individuals with disabilities. As a counselor in training will begin to work with students, he or she will realize the importance of he or she role in child’s life. At times, students will have a difficult time reaching out to a counselor. Therefore, a counselor will need to make her or he present known to all students. This can be done by developing lessons and introducing he or she in the beginning of the school’s year.

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