Essay Implementing The Sales Decline And Developing A Plan Of Action

Essay Implementing The Sales Decline And Developing A Plan Of Action

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We have experienced a significant decline in sales of our industrial cleaning products over the past three months, spanning from December 1st 2015 through February 29th, 2016. Per your request, I have begun the process of investigating the reasons for the sales decline and developing a plan of action to restore sales to their previous levels.

Initial Sales Decline Analysis

The most severe decrease in sales are in new sales of our multi-purpose surface cleaner and floor care product lines. There has also been a notable decline in the amount of products reordered by our long-standing customers, though the drop in sales from repeat orders is not as severe as the decrease in new sales. Preliminary research and analysis further indicates that the timing of the sales decline correlates to the introduction of a new scent for our multi-surface and floor cleaning products which was rolled out in September 2015, as well as an unusually high turnover of our outside sales staff in November 2015. Outlined below is my action plan to address and resolve the sales decline in a timely manner.

Collection of Additional Data

On Friday March 4th, 2016, I will be leading an all-hands staff meeting to present current data regarding our declining cleaning supply sales. Staff members will provide input on any changes that have noticed in the past three to six months, whether regarding our sales process, ordering, manufacturing, staff changes, new staff training, product delivery, marketing, or other aspects of business operations. Supervisors have been instructed to brief all employees on the meeting objectives by close of business today, so that they have time to reflect on operations and provide thoughtful input. Sales staff are specifically instru...

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...proposed solutions to our recent decline in sales, I will continue to closely monitor overall sales organizational effectiveness, to include individual sales personnel behavior and effectiveness, as well as factors outside the sales division such as other organizational process considerations and environmental factors external to the Pacific Industrial Cleaning Supplies company, that may still have significant impact on our sales activity (Baldauf, 2002). Sales statistics will be analyzed on a monthly basis in order to determine whether the current action plan is effective at reversing our declining sales trend, and to allow time to change course or consider alternative solutions if needed. I am confident that this plan of action will not only restore our sales to the levels achieved prior to December 2015, but also allow for increased sales growth in the year 2016.

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