Healing Hands Spa Case Study

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Healing Hands Spa Healing Hands Spa, consists of ten brick and mortar locations, in addition to an online store selling spa merchandise. Each location is comprised of a store manager, and 10-16 staff members, additionally there is a complete corporate staff, CEO, COO/CFO, operations manager, general manager, and coaching manager. The current gap in leadership, is a complete lack of cohesive management and customer service. Whereas, within each location the managers, operate the spa with their own expectations, rules, and customer services. As the spa expanded their locations, managers were left to determine their own leadership styles, this seemed to work temporarily. Notwithstanding, the complaints increased, while both employee satisfaction…show more content…
To positively impact business, implementing leadership protocols will prove beneficial. A key component to success is maintaining a cohesive leadership protocol, focused on the business models deemed valuable to your business. Defining core values of the business, and developing the leadership training programs, will empower the leaders, with the tools needed to manage and grow each spa. Cohesive experience’s for all guests is the ultimate goal for Healing Hands Spas.
Vital Quandary To effectively create a customized leadership program, developing a series of specific questions is necessary to obtain client goals clearly (McNamara, 2006). Vital to success is the gathering of intelligence, client driven perspective of the business, goals, competition, leadership
It is imperative to gain complete intelligence info on the client, business, competition, staff and customer service. Quandary for Healing Hands Spa:
 Who is your competition?
 Does your leadership represent the mission of your business?
 What is working for your competition?
 What is working with your
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P, is for positivity, remain a positive force of nature, activity listening, and stellar communication skills.
O., openness, to change, feedback, learning, and change.
I., inspiration, be inspired by the work and character of others, be an inspiration to staff, a change maker, muse, with flexibility and mutual respect.
N., nimble leadership, with a willingness to embrace a continual improvement leadership style.
T., trust your gut, your plan, and your time management, with delegation of duties.
Implementation of a new leadership protocols, will allow for a cohesive change of management, guest services, and staff satisfaction (Gavetti, 2011). Leadership should value each individual as a cog in the sprocket of success, continually improving upon services and satisfaction. The POINT acronym can be utilized as a guideline for leadership, in both daily operations and crisis situations. Proper leadership training prepares the team to strive for optimum guest and staff satisfaction, fostering effective and efficient leaders.
Scope of the Project and Deadlines
The scope of this program will
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