Implementing The Preparedness Expectations For Local Jurisdictions Essay

Implementing The Preparedness Expectations For Local Jurisdictions Essay

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Annual Activity
Establish the preparedness expectations for local jurisdictions to receive preparedness funding by maintaining the CHD and Regional Preparedness Expectations, annual contract deliverables for health care coalitions, and program requirements for Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI), special needs sheltering and the medical reserve corps. These expectations are aligned with grant requirements, statutory requirements, and Department policy. This entity develops, documents, distributes, and updates these expectations as required annually and throughout the year.

Establishment of individual systems to monitor progress and completion of deliverables. The CHD Preparedness Expectations were aligned with the critical PHEP capabilities and adopted an evidence-based methodology; Health Care Coalitions’ (HCC) contract deliverables were reviewed and updated to a more inclusive and expanded scope, and the CRI program implemented a new set of deliverables and conducted the Operational Readiness Reviews (ORR).

Standardized system to monitor and evaluate expectations and integrate outcomes from preparedness partners. Broad implementation of evidenced-based methodology to evaluate deliverables.

Annual Activity
Develop and implement sub-funding allocation strategies in coordination with Department leadership, community partners and local stakeholders to deliver funds directly to CHDs, HCCs and CRI communities using objective criteria. This includes development of contracts, annual work plans and budgets from 67 county health departments, 19 CRI cities, 12 health care coalitions, and 40 medical reserve corps units.


System to monitor budget and accountability of p...

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...over the federal courthouses in the state. Additional work is needed to further develop the state’s Closed POD network and that will be a priority in the future.

Expected Outcomes
• Standardized system to monitor and evaluate expectations and integrate outcomes from preparedness partners.
• System to monitor budget and accountability of preparedness partners.
• Increased measurable compliance of local partners with preparedness expectations and deliverables.
• Inventory of statewide tools and resources tailored to facilitate local entities’ work toward building preparedness capabilities.
• Reporting system to drive decision making related to preparedness programs.
• System to disseminate integrated information to stakeholders.
• Increased presence and participation of the DOH in preparedness activities facilitating the exchange of information and practices.

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