Argumentative Essay On Cybercrime

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The article “What makes cybercrime laws so difficult to enforce” discusses the various difficulties encountered by authority powers attempting to track down criminals that use the internet to carry out immoral actions. Shinder (2011) highlights the naivety of legislators and their inability to foresee what the increased availability of internet access would mean for policing agencies. Unfamiliar and therefore unopposed forms of crime were developed much more rapidly than could be anticipated and handled. The need for and effective system of cybercrime policing swiftly became apparent. Unfortunately, as Shinder (2011) points out, identifying the need for an effective form of cyber policing is only a small step in a series of considerable leaps necessary for the actual establishment of such a system. Jurisdictional issues as well as the problem of pinpointing the name and location of offenders can get in the way of such a system (Shinder, 2011). Even if policing forces get passed these obstacles there is still of controversy resulting from the unique quality of digital evidence (Shinder, 2011).
Anonymity on the Internet
One of the first complications that might come to mind when meditating on what these “leaps” encompass is the relative anonymity the internet offers. It is common knowledge that misbehavior and anonymity go hand and hand; a bank robber may comfort his fear of witness recognition by wearing a ski mask while engaging in a hold-up. What is not as deductible is that while criminals have obvious reasons for attempting self-invisibility, invisibility itself inspires misconduct (Shinder, 2011). If simply wearing a mask can make an otherwise amiable person tend to act in socially unacceptable ways, it is scary t...

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