Essay Implementing Sex Education in Middle and Elementary School

Essay Implementing Sex Education in Middle and Elementary School

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Sex Education over the years has provided the necessary information about precautions, along with consequences that means to be sexually active. Moreover, it allows high schools to educate themselves about an aspect of their life that will always be important factor of their love relationship. Every action and decision towards any element in life will inevitably produce a result, and a response. The ignorance of many teens leads them to make stupid decisions that can change their future. I support the idea of implementing sex education at middle and elementary schools. Next step will be to find a strategy to implement it in the classrooms. Birth control methods are simply out of the equation, but today society has created so many tools to facilitate education that a program dedicated to this issue should not be a problem. High School sex education for public and private schools should be a extend class that will teach the different aspects on sexuality of a person life. This change could make a serious impact on the statistics of teen pregnancy, STD’s carriers, and a chance to make rational decisions about their sexual life.
Dr. Ted Feinberg in “NBC News report” said “We need to why (increase in STD’s statistics have been so high on the ages under 22) and help our kids to be more responsible”. The desire to discover, explore, and know more about the sexual factors that triggers certain behaviors is completely common; however, protection should be a part of this exploration process. Male and vaginal condoms, birth control pills, diaphragms, and rhythm method should be part of education that is provided at schools. According to “”, 750,000 girls between the ages of 15-19 get pregnant and eighty percent of thos...

... middle of paper ... afraid of promiscuity”. Again, religious individuals were not given the tools to develop the kind of skills are part of being comfortable with their own sexuality. To express yourself is to get to know yourself. Moreover, here is when the key to innovation comes to aid the problem. Just by being willing to acknowledge the fact sex education, and communication helps the young generations to make better decisions is a step forward to progress.
Consent is an important aspect of sexuality, teens and adults need to give the importance to the topic. The yes or no theory is not enough, a healthy relationship needs boundaries, and girls need to be aware what does sexual harassment means. Teen violence is not rare; it is necessary to provide teenagers with the right information. Verbal abuse is included on teen violence and teens need to know they can speak up.

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