Implementing an Animal Science Class Essay

Implementing an Animal Science Class Essay

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A majority of high schools in America have classes which pertain to the study of animals. A countless number of schools have recently added multiple classes such as these. Hurricane High School especially is in need of adding an animal science class. Many students would benefit from this class in several different ways. Not only this, but the school will benefit greatly as well. It is highly recommended that Hurricane High School should offer an animal science class for the 2014-15 school year. This class would benefit the school as a whole by preparing students planning to enter the occupational field dealing with animals, make the school look more impressive, and give students a chance to try new things and possibly find hidden interests of theirs.
First of all, classes such as these would prepare students who are planning on entering that occupational field. Many students have entered that particular field in college, however too many have no high school education pertaining to it. The job outlook for a profession dealing with animals—such as a veterinarian—is expected to increase by thirty-six percent within the next ten years.* At the same time however, high school students preparing to become a veterinarian are only taking the general science classes because they do not have the option of taking any animal science classes.* Many other classes that act as additional help to prepare for a specific occupation are being offered. At Hurricane High School alone, there are over 20 Career Technology Education classes including Foods and Nutrition, Clothing, Emergency Medical Services, and several more. Students need to be prepared for what they will learn in college. With Animal Science classes, future veterinarians can be one step...

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...y in the future.
In conclusion, Hurricane High School is in desperate need of adding an Animal Science class to the course catalog. It would benefit the school immensely by preparing students in that field, creating a better outlook on the school, and giving students the chance to discover new things. It is necessary that the school board arranges for this class to take place as soon as possible. An Animal Science class will significantly improve the future for the lives of multiple students.

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