Imperialism Is One Country 's Control Over Various Lands Essay

Imperialism Is One Country 's Control Over Various Lands Essay

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Imperialism is one country’s control over various lands. Many European countries colonized in Africa for economic, social and political reasons, known as the “Scramble for Africa”. Countries conquered land in hopes to industrialize and better their economy, also sending missionaries in order to spread religion. Countries even obtained land for political gloating, as nations competed for the colonies, praising motherlands who had several territories. Colonies were areas ruled by a foreign power and by 1914 almost all of Africa was colonized by Europeans, with Britain and France being the biggest colonizers. Prior, Africa had been known as the “dark continent” since Europeans knew little of its culture or background. Europeans sought control over Africa because of its natural resources, such as ivory and rubber, as well as for its crops. The colonization in Africa by European countries have had a significant negative impact on the continent and its indigenous people, as the treatment of native Africans in the Belgian Congo was inadequate, resources were exploited for the benefit of the Europeans and the African culture was lost and replaced with European interest.
In 1884, Europeans met in Berlin, Germany to set rules for dividing Africa into colonies, this consultation is known as the Berlin Conference. Belgium was one of the smallest European colonizers, who colonized the large country of Congo. The Europeans believed that the Africans were inferior and felt the need to civilize their population. Social Darwinism is the classification of humans into species “races” based on hair and skin, with no scientific support for this conclusion. According to this theory the different human species are not equally evolved. The stronger, mo...

... middle of paper ... brought new technology, the colonization overall had a negative impact on Africa as natural resources were exploited for European gain and natives were treated poorly. The new era of imperialism in the 1800s profited the Europeans. They sought Africa for raw materials and natural resources to use in factories. They also wanted new places and markets to sell manufactured goods. Africans lost control of their property and freedom and were put under the roundabout tenet of the British and different Europeans nations. The interest of money harvests brought about a deficiency of sustenance which prompted starvation. Societies and traditions were separated when conventional power figures were supplanted. African society was supplanted by the European society through the instructive framework making conventions get to be remiss. There was a division of African society.

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