Imperialism For The United States Essay

Imperialism For The United States Essay

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Imperialism for the United States was a time when the country desired to conquer territories and create an “American Empire”. The United States was influenced by many factors as to why imperialism was important. Some factors involved war and the spread of Christianity. There were also different ways the United States acquired the new territories desired. Some ways they were acquired were by war, treaties and payment agreements. The United States in relation to imperialism had some consequences for their conquests. These consequences also involved nations such as Latin America and Europe.
The United States was motivated to use imperialism by many factors. After the Civil War the United States was into isolationism and desired to be left alone by the outside world. However, the idea of “manifest destiny” still lingered with some Americans with the desire to expand territories (David Shi 665). In addition, the United States in the 1900’s after dispatching missionaries to covert conquered areas to Christianity came to the realization that conquering would bring expansion of the economy, superiority in race and ability to spread the Christian belief. This was the first mark in the road to imperialism. Imperialism is the desire by use of diplomacy or military to enhance a nation’s power and enhance the territory (David Shi 666)
The first to influence America’s idea of imperialism was that the United States in the late 1900’s was already looking at some races as superior. Most of the races that were considered inferior were those of Indian or African descent (David Shi 667). This idea of imperialism showed a promise of superiority among the superior races. Superiority were supported by researchers as they included things such as bone...

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...United States. After America, had succeeded in annexing many territories and creating new doctrines to protect fellow territories, the world has seen what America can do. It is no doubt that the United States had joined the world arena in the mid 1800’s to 1900’s.
From the mid 1800’s to early 1900’s the United States decided that imperialism was a goal to meet by the United States. The country was influenced into imperialism by books, war, religious beliefs and race superiority. America took over territories though war, treaties and many political steps. In the end, each action has a reaction and the imperialism caused some consequences. An Anti-Imperialist league was created, China was deemed as an open trade for United States and Europe, Interventions of Latin America were becoming bothersome and the United States took its place on the World’s Arena to dominate.

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