Essay on The Impcats of Mobile Phones on Young Generations

Essay on The Impcats of Mobile Phones on Young Generations

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This report set out to clarify the significant influence of mobile phone in general and specifically on youth, its positive and negative aspects in terms of social life, safety, health and studying alongside with real evidences obtained from recent research.
The idea of communicating using mobile phone was first introduced in 1947 by Bell Laboratories (Merlin Thanga Joy, 2010), and it was initially made to accompany businessman and not to support personal life (Campbell, 2005). However, according to (Aoki and Downes, 2003), mobile phone has gradually become an essential part of young generation’s daily life.
The first section will draw readers’ attentions to the popularity of mobile phone among young people. The following section addresses the positive side of mobile phone in terms of accompanying adolescents. On the other hand, the third section would explain the flip side of mobile phone when it negatively affects young people. Finally, the last section would discuss about whether or not young people should use mobile phone by weighing the pros and cons with the support from statistical findings.

Firstly, Graph 1 showed that the number of subscriptions increased gradually as the population grew and reached 6.8 billion out of the world population of 7.1 billion (International Telecommunication Union, 2013). Furthermore, Table 1 briefly illustrates the condition of the world in 2005 in terms of mobile usage. The total subscription was approximately 2.1 billion and concentrated on 15 countries including the USA (202 million) and the UK (58 million) (Merlin Thanga Joy, 2010).

Graph 1: The number of subscriptions approaches global population figures (International Telecommunicati...

... middle of paper ...

...e financial services 2013. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Haddon, L. 2008. Young people's diverse use of multimedia mobile phones. In: Conference of the International Communications Association, 22/26 May, Montreal London School of Economics p.15.

International Telecommunication Union. 2013. ICT facts and figures 2013. Switzerland

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Redmayne, M. et al. 2013. The relationship between adolescents' well-being and their wireless phone use: a cross-sectional study. Environmental Health. 12.

The Carphone Warehouse. 2006. The impact of the mobile phone on the lives of young people. London School of Economics

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