Essay on Impact Of Social Media On Politics And Politicians

Essay on Impact Of Social Media On Politics And Politicians

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The main aim of this report is to analyze the impacts of changes in the media concerning the societal and individual view of politics and politicians. The report also describes significant milestones in mass media since the year 1960 and examines the impact of mass media on how people think politically. The report then considers the effect of technological advancements in mass media and the effect on the results of elections. The use of mass media has increased over the last fifty years in that it is a primary medium through which supporters of various campaigners share their ideas and views concerning politicians and different political parties. Through social media, behaviors and performance of several activists have brought to light. Many people get to know aspirants of various posts through the social media. These updates can be contained in various published journals, articles, magazines and the internet (Finlayson et al...2009).
Milestones in the history of mass media since 1960
In 1966, there was the development of an act concerning freedom of information which emphasized the rights of people and reporters to get information from the United States government. The development of this law which was an elaboration of the act of freedom of information led to the freedom of journalists to record issues on wars.
From the 1970’s onwards media has undergone significant changes with the introduction of technological advances such as the Internet, computer-assisted reporting and emergence of various media blends such as one journalist preparing news online and to print at the same time.
Since the 1960’s media have changed, during this timeframe newspapers were the main source of media used, then the use of television ca...

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...ards politics and politicians. Mass media and social media in the overall impact the lives of individuals negatively or positively with the significant influence on politics and the social-cultural environment. Social media includes the use of small portable gadgets such as the mobile phone whereby people share information and their views regarding certain politicians and their political parties. Mass media, on the other hand, contributes to the political environment through televisions and radios.
During the early 1930’s when the world was experiencing the great depression, many people relied on the newspapers, but during 1963, polls showed that many individuals relied mainly on television as their primary source of news. In the US, television broadcast stations in the 1960’s were very few, but they have drastically increased to the present day (Neuendorf 2002).

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