The Impact Of My School Experience Essay

The Impact Of My School Experience Essay

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The Impact of My School Experience
My school experience did little, if anything, to prepare me to become a well-rounded citizen. I did not learn a more diverse vocabulary or how to analyze and learn information because my teachers were not motivated to teach these topics properly. Also, while I may have learned the basic politics of America, I do not know nearly enough to make me a strongly reliable citizen. In addition, I feel as if my inadequate education could have been avoided if I was given a solid education rather than simply what I needed to get by. My personal quality as a citizen and future leader of America as been greatly impacted by many failures of my high school education. My school experience with learning how to create a more fulfilling future for myself was similar to the situations described by the textbook authors.
Michael Moore said, “a nation that not only churns our illiterate students BUT GOES OUT OF ITS WAY TO REMAIN IGNORANT AND STUPID is not a nation that should be running the world,” (Moore 123) stating that the education system in America not only fails to teach students, but also instills a lack of confidence in those people running the country. In my school, the teachers were required to teach us a set of vocabulary words each week. Most of the time, my teachers treated vocabulary as a burden and neglected to put emphasis on studying it. Moore is implying that America is illiterate because of teachers not putting effort into teaching literacy. This is in part due the minimal priority placed on education and the motivation of teachers to teach. Moore stated, “…the person who cares for our child every day receives an average of $41,351 annually” (Moore 129) showing that teachers do not have a lot of mo...

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.... My classmates and I were given these scores and were told to chose the path that best suited us. In my opinion, students should not be sorted by test scores. I always chose the highest possible learning opportunity offered by my school no matter what my standardized test scores said because those scores determine nothing.
To conclude, my future life has been impacted largely by the education system present in America today. Basic concepts, such as literacy, were neglected and have created a struggle in me everyday writing habits. Furthermore, I have not been properly taught the importance of politics and morals in being an American citizen. Lastly, my leadership skills have been significantly hindered due to lack of early application of these skills. Finally, all of these concepts have led to the inability for me to enhance my true potential as a member of society.

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