The Impact Of Intrinsic Motivation On Employee Motivation Essay

The Impact Of Intrinsic Motivation On Employee Motivation Essay

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The Impact of Intrinsic Motivation
Internal motivation is a interesting business topic that all managers should consider due its correlation to employee engagement. Internal factors that influence employee motivation is called intrinsic motivators (Manion, 2011). Wasko and Faraj (2005) described intrinsic motivation as an activity that an individual engages in for the act of performing the actual activity instead of the external rewards (Yan & Davison, 2013). This paper includes the impact of intrinsic motivation through examining an example of professional fulfillment and un-fulfillment. Furthermore, the paper contains suggestions for Nurse Managers to implement departmental changes to engage staff though exploration of intrinsic motivators.
Key Intrinsic Motivators
Stanko-Kaczmarek (2012) believed that intrinsic motivation causes people to have positive emotions related to their perception of their own actions. The positive psychological experiences influence the employee’s commitment to an organization and their engagement (Fasoli, 2010). Therefore, it is key that employers comprehend intrinsic motivators. Manion (2010) lists the five intrinsic motivators as: 1) healthy relationships; 2) meaningful purpose; 3) competence; 4) choice; 5) progress. These five elements are discussed in depth using examples.
Professionally Fulfilled and Professionally Unfulfilled
The first example provided reviews a professionally fulfilled Clinical Operations Manager (NM) whom was responsible for developing and implementing the Lean Management System (LMS). The team planned for three months, then held a design week, and implemented over the next six weeks. The professionally unfulfilled example involved a teenager, whom still has negative fe...

... middle of paper ... shared experiences while fostering trust, mutual respect, support and communication. As previously stated, shared experiences create meaningful relationships that influence employee engagement (Barrick et al., 2015).
An employee feels more professionally fulfilled when they are intrinsically motivated by healthy relationships, meaningful purpose, competence, choice, and progress. The NM has opportunities to influence employee’s intrinsic motivations. Building healthy relationships is significant because of the interconnected to many of the key intrinsic motivators. Therefore, a NM’s should evaluate the relationships they are building with staff and consider how to improve those relationships. Building healthy relationship with staff creates opportunities to improve a positive work environment; consequently, positively impacts employee engagement.

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