Impact of Digital Technology on an Aspect of Contemporary Culture Essay

Impact of Digital Technology on an Aspect of Contemporary Culture Essay

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Impact of Digital Technology on an Privacy
Digital technology has been revolutionizing the world step by step over the past couple of years. The manner in which people interact, communicate and carry out their daily activities has been the highest priority of technological inventions. The internet, for example has caused major changes to the lives of individuals, corporations and the whole world as a whole. There is however some rising concerns over the effects of digital technology on contemporary culture. Today, people have turned out to be more information oriented than before. Exploring deeper and exposing personal information has not only become an obsession, but also a requirement in some quarters. Privacy is therefore one of the main aspects that digital technology has greatly affected in today’s information-oriented society.
Privacy is one thing that has significantly gotten affected by the digital technology. The ability of individuals to reveal most of their personal information in a single page has great effects to their privacy and that of others (Hand 4). Firstly, by having exposed information, which is available for the world to see, there are increased chances of getting tracked and getting hurt. Taking an example of the social sites like MySpace, the ability of an individual to post information related to their personal lives may subject one to potential harms. In addition, it makes the person in question feel exposed to some uncertainties.
Monitoring devices like the chips, whose popularity has risen equally with contentions, can be categorized under privacy-breaching gadgets. The storage of personal information in an-online connected database increases the potential harm of the person using an implant. The chi...

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...nts and other officials, about the safety of their children and other employees.
In conclusion, digital technology has revolutionized the information-oriented society by enhancing several aspects. From security to enhanced interconnections, the new wave has managed to change the manner in which people communicate and also the way in which corporate information and property is protected. Despite the misgivings, digital technology has managed to positively influence the society, the contemporary culture and changed the hitherto employed analogue models of social integration.

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