Essay The Immigration System Of The United States

Essay The Immigration System Of The United States

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When lobbying the students continue to use the tactic of storytelling to produce a truly compelling story to tell the lawmakers. Some youth emphasize the obstacles they’ve had to overcome in order to be where they are today others, however focus on their accomplishments. In preparation for their lobbying students from different states come together at the national congress of United We Dream, which is the largest organization of undocumented students in the United States (The Huffington Post). Student from 28 states unite through assisting workshops and conferences on immigration, education, politics, leadership and civil rights. In this national congress the students are also exposed to hearing other peoples’ stories and the story of immigrant labor representatives. After the students attend the national congress they travel to different places, for instance from New York to Albany to attempt to convince the lawmakers to change the policies using the knowledge and tactics they have learned during the workshops. The undocumented student’s effort to change the policies of the immigration system influences their lobbying furthermore the DREAMers continue to lobby by organizing voter registration drives, bringing awareness and educate people about comprehensive immigration reforms (The Huffington Post).
The DREAMers have several identities within their movement but something that stands out about this movement it’s the group’s youthfulness. This movement’s members continue to strive by trying new tactics to earn political and social authority. This group acknowledges their youthfulness and declares their social movement standing as youth. This however doesn’t mean that their other identities are not important instead it represents th...

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... them disclose any information that that don’t want in order to be able to help therefore making it anonymous. Online activism is also more resourceful than offline activism because its very accessible to the public making information easy to find and easy to read. This is important because people at times need fast information about an event and through other peoples dedication it can be displayed online. The downfalls of online activism is that a person must always be connected in order to be informed and stay up to date with current information secondly some people may not have access to technology and lastly other people may not know how to use the technology in order to guide themselves if there is multiples steps to a application. Therefore the safety issues that people are concern with will influence their form of participation and dedication to the movement.

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