The Immigration Act Of Australia Essay

The Immigration Act Of Australia Essay

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In 2005 the Migration Amendment Act was introduced which relates to the notion that children must only be put in detention centres as a matter of last resort to ensure the safety of children as there had been many concerns from the Members of parliament. This new policy had given the opportunity for many children and their families to be released into community detention centres whereby there is higher security to ensure their protection. However, in Australia there had still been a substantial amount of children that had still been held in detention centres and often for lengthy periods. Although the Australian Government had attempted to comply with the new policy by gradually allowing children and their families to be released into the community detention centre, the Refugee Council of Australia continues to be concerned with the security and protection of children during the process whereby they determine the status of refugees, while in detention but also in the community. A major concern for children being in these immigration detention centres for a lengthy period is that they have limited access to certain services like schooling and the fact that they were at high risk from suffering mental illness, and also there continues to be an absence of immigration policies which specific apply for children. However, mental health professions that recognised that risk had warned that children and their parents should be removed for their safety, yet the Australian Government refused to do so and this amounted to "...Cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of those children in detention.” There is an increasing number of minors in detention that remain unaccompanied, this is of much concern as it’s the responsibility of the Minis...

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...Although, asylum seekers and refugees are given a few options if they feel as though their rights are being breached, like they can apply to tribunals and courts to view their visa related decisions, they can also make a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission about their human rights being breached in immigration detention centres, yet they do not have control over who enters the country, the government is not obliged to comply with the recommendations that are made. Although the government had made few attempts to comply with the human right obligations towards asylum seekers and refugees by introducing new policies and prioritising the safety of the children in these detention camps, there are currently still many breaches towards their rights that the government continues to adapt, therefore they are still constituting a breach of international law .

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